Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saving Grace (2000) R - 3½ Stars

For all you marijuana lovers come a perfect British comedy about growing it. Grace Trevethan (Brenda Blethyn), has spent most of her life being a housewife keeping herself busy in her garden. Money had never been an issue, thanks to her husband who kept her life style in the upper middle class. Life is good for Grace until one day her husband is tragically killed. Since he always made the financial decisions, she now has to think quickly to keep the bank from taking her home. The entire town of Cornwall feels for her and tries to offer help but Grace is a proud woman determined to find her own way. She's not a business woman and with gardening her best skill, she struggles to come up with a plan for making money at it.

When she enlists the help of her care taker / gardener Matthew (Craig Ferguson), he perfects her newly learned cross pollination skills, and the two are exposed to the art of growing some kick ass wacky tobacky. Life is good until drug lord Jacques (Tcheky Karyo), learns why his business has slowed down. It seems that Grace and her perfect Indigo, have put a real damper in his profits and he will stop at nothing to take her down.

2000 - Saving Grace - Sundance Film Festival - Audience Award for World Cinema Film.

Fine Line Features
Director: Nigel Cole
Writer: Craig Ferguson
I viewed 10/07

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