Sunday, April 6, 2008

Capturing the Friedmans (2002) NR - 2½ Stars

I'm sure the true life story of the Friedman's was more interesting then the documentary. The way the film is put together, I didn't find that it really made everything clear. Did they or did they not abuse the children? Dad looks like he could have for sure but mom doesn't look the type.

In 1987, the prominent family of Arnold and Elaine Friedman and their three sons , Jesse, Seth, and David turns dysfunctional when it's found out that Arnold and Jesse are abusing and sodomizing the children in Arnolds class. Through their home videos this is the true story of the Friedmans struggle to keep their family together after being accused of molestation. The cameras are given to the family to record and document life at home.

Awards include:

2003 - Capturing the Friedmans - Boston Society of Film Critics - Best New Filmmaker
2003 - Capturing the Friedmans - Los Angeles Film Critics Association - Best Documentary (Runner-up)
2003 - Capturing the Friedmans - Sundance Film Festival - Documentary Grand Jury Prize.

Magnolia Pictures
Director: Andrew Jarecki
Producers: Andrew Jarecki, Mark Smerling
I viewed 11/07

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