Thursday, April 29, 2010

Death Sentence (2007) R - 4 Stars

Nick Hume (Kevin Bacon) is living a normal perfect life. A wonderful wife Helen (Kelly Preston), two great kids Lucas (Jordan Garrett) and Brendan (Stuart Lafferty), and a good job. His oldest son is a star hockey player and the pride of the family. One night while driving his son home, he stops for gas and his son goes inside to get a drink. While he watches in horror from outside, his son is assassination in the name of a gang initiation hazing. While the murders try to escape, Nick grabs the mask of the one Joe Darley (Matthew O'Leary) that killed his son , and looks him dead in the eyes.

He is now able to identify Joe and does so sending the case to court. But he changes his mind and decides to let the man go free as he has a plan of his own. He tracks Joe down and does the unthinkable and now considers himself even. But an eye witness sees him and warns the rest of the gang who did it. Now Joe's older brother Billy Darley (Garrett Hedlund) tells Nick he's just bought himself a death sentence.

Nick needs weapons to defend himself and takes to the street to find a vendor Bones Darley (John Goodman) who, unknowingly, just happens to be the father of two of the gang members. The war has begun and now Nick fears for his families safety. He tries to get help from the agents who were first helping him but they tell him it may be too late.

When the gang comes after his family, they kill his wife, put his other son in a coma and send Nick to the hospital. He checks himself out to take matters into his own hands.

20th Century Fox Distribution
Director: James Wan
Writers: Ian Mackenzie Jeffers
Producers: Ashok Amritraj, Howard Baldwin, Karen Baldwin
I watched 1/08

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