Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inland Empire (2006) R - 1½ Stars

I usually love David Lynch movies and his quirky style of filming. The movies are bizzare and Laura Dern seems to like them too cause Lynch usually casts her in the major roles. With his unusual surreal style, he seems to find the characters with great Diane Arbus type faces. However, I think David's gone too far with this latest attempt. Granted you need to stay with the story line real well or you will get lost, but I don't think this movie really has one.

Kingsley (Jeremy Irons) is a director making a remake of a Polish movie about a prostitute that is trying to escape a slave ring. The first movie was never completed as both leads were murdered. Nikki (Laura Dern), is cast as the star and she starts feeling like the movie she is playing a role in, is mimicing her real life. However, someone please tell me where the imagery of humans in bunny suits, and screwdriver in stomachs ties in? Nikki eventually becomes lost in her character.

2006 - Inland Empire - National Society of Film Critics - Best Experimental Film.

Absurda Productions
Director: David Lynch
Writer: David Lynch
Producers: David Lynch, Mary Sweeney
I viewed 9/07

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