Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mad Money (2008) PG - 3 Stars

I guess the idea of the movie is feasible? NOT! But okay that aside, it has a few fun parts to it. Three ordinary women, Bridget Cardigan (Diane Keaton), Nina Brewster (Queen Latifah) and Jackie Truman (Katie Holmes) all have jobs at the local Federal Reserve Bank. The bank is where money is destroyed, and the girls decide to dip into the bins, just a tad, since it's just going to be thrown away.

Bridget lives with her husband Don (Ted Danson) and they have severe financial problems that could cost them their home, and their upper class standard of living. Don can't find work so Bridget picks up a job at the bank in the janitorial department. There she meets Nina, a single mother of two boys who's in charge of shredding the money, and Jackie, a young hip dancing girl in charge of moving the money from one area to another.

When Bridget gets tempted to touch money she looks at all day, she tries to come up with a plan of taking some of it home with her. Together with Jackie and Nina, the threesome come up with a plan to smuggle money out at the end of each shift. The women try to stay one step ahead of the authorities who are onto them even though they can't prove anything.

Overture Films
Director: Callie Khouri
Writers: Glenn Gers, Callie Khouri
Producers: James Acheson, Goldie Hawn, Frank Demartini
I viewed 5/08

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