Sunday, June 15, 2008

2 Days in Paris (2007) R - 2½ Stars

I liked the direction of the way this movie was shot but it also found it on the annoying side with the constant battle of dialogue among the two stars. Switching back and forth from French to English was not the problem, but the constant bickering from both characters made me want to shut them off at times and I didn't feel myself connecting to anyone. I think the point of the movie was that even with constant bickering, two people can find and hold onto love. Julie Delpy writes, directs and stars in the flick.

French photographer Marion (Julie Delpy) and American interior designer Jack (Adam Goldberg) have just returned from a trip to Venice. Marion thought her adventure in Venice would be a romantic one with Jack instead, the food didn't agree with Jack so he was miserable most of the time and when he could go out, he took photos to capture the beauty without experiencing it. The couple are constantly bickering but before returning back home to New York, the stop off for 2 days in Paris to see Marion's parents.

Marion's non English speaking parents are quick to laugh at Jack's quirks and talk behind his back and when they are out in public, Marion runs into all sorts of ex boyfriends. As she tries to explain they are just past exes and nothing more, Jack begins to realise the women he thought he knew, he really knows nothing about. But in the end, their constant bickering is just what each other is looking for.

Samuel Goldwyn Films
Director: Julie Delpy
Writer: Julie Delpy
Producers: Julie Delpy, Thierry Potok, Christophe Mazodier
I viewed 6/08

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I saw this movie about 2 weeks before I moved to France and thought it was VERY funny. There are some great scenes like when the boyfriend gets all hypochondriac and shoves a thermometer in his mouth and complains he thinks he is getting a fever and she says, Ummm I don't usually use the thermometer in my mouth. The boyfriend was supposed to be annoying, in fact that to me was unbelieveable, why they would stay together, he was annoying and she was funny and beautiful, what did she see in him?