Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Here's my contribution to the lack of good taste, effed up, sucky, blog-a-thon that Piper from LAMBS is throwing. Hey Piper, I'm doing my very best to NOT support your stupid idea of the blog-a-thon. Please leave me alone and never talk to me again. I'll wait to hear from you.

Too many times high quality movies like this come along and I ALWAYS want to make sure I see none of them. The special effects are outstanding as the camera man is really paying attention to countless details of the movie. His manipulation of the camera angle along with its constant swaying and vibration motion really accent and add to the viewers nausea of the movie. I felt like running outside in a lightning storm after watching it as the actors were all so electrifying.


Anonymous said...

wow, from this I only know enough to know I want to know all about this!

elgringo said...

I don't know...that backwards "R" makes me think this movie could be worth a viewing.