Monday, June 23, 2008

Hard Luck (2002) NR - 2½ Stars

No matter what, this guys luck seems to keep getting worse. First trying to save his friend, he ends up in a mental institution, then the girl he loves gets married and if things can't get any worse for him, he now finds his friend has just a few weeks to live.

Trevor "Lucky" O'Donnell (Kirk Harris) is in a state mental hospital and has been for the last seven years. Trying to help his best friend Eric (Matt Faber), he was pronounced unstable and sentenced to do his time in the hospital.

Eric, Trevor and Eric's sister Sheryl (Renee Humphrey), have all grown up together and Trevor has been in love with Sheryl since their youth. The three were inseparable and would always spend the summers on an island off the Oregon coast.

88 days before Trevor is scheduled to be released from his prison, Sheryl comes to him to tell him she got married and her brother Eric is dying of cancer. Trevor can't stand it any more and finds a way to escape from the hospital to be by Eric's side. Once he finds him, he puts Eric in a wheelchair and breaks him out of the cancer center and takes him back to the island where life was simple with no problems. Trevor encourages Sheryl to come too so the three can be together like the old days. But Trevor is still in love with Sheryl and her husband Matt (Darrell Bryan), is unwilling to give her up so quickly. Sheryl and Eric's father is a cop and he has orders to bring Trevor in but now he must decide which is more important. To uphold the law or the love of his son.

Film Kitchen Inc
Director: Jack Rubio
I viewed 7/07

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