Friday, June 27, 2008

Jumper (2008) PG13 - 3½ Stars

The movie has some good special effects like leaving Samuel stranded in a cave on the side of the cliff, eating lunch on top of the pyramids, driving a car literally through traffic, etc. Hayden Christensen is good and of course Samuel L. Jackson plays his mean bad ass self and Jamie Bell plays the role of a jumper perfectly. It's a good rental and worthy of seeing but plot gets a bit annoying and didn't have me jumping for joy.

David (Hayden Christensen), is sort of the outcast in high school. He likes a girl named Millie (Rachel Bilson), and has found her a snow globe with the Pairs Eiffel Tower in it as he knows how found her dreams are of once traveling to Europe and seeing everything. But a bully at school makes fun of him and throws the globe onto thin ice. David is caught in an under current below the ice, resurfacing soaking wet, in the school library. While everyone thinks David has died, he has quickly discovered he has a power to teleport from any area to another but just implanting the image in his mind.

Five years later, David has learned that he is a "jumper" and can keep an awesome lifestyle funded by teleporting in and out of vaults of bank. He is also able to see the world by teleporting anywhere in it, like picking up a hottie in London and back for dinner in N.Y. that night. What David doesn't realise is that are another group of teleporters who deem it their goal in life to put and end to "jumpers." One such is Roland (Samuel L. Jackson) who's life long mission is to find these "jumpers" and kill them all.

When David comes back into Millie's life and offers her a trip to Rome, she "jumps" on it and though the two use normal methods of transportation to get there, their lives won't be the same after their journey. It seems a fellow "jumper" named Griffin (Jamie Bell), has been following David for many years. He knows Roland is after David as well as himself and the two somewhat join to put an end to Roland.

20th Century Fox Distribution
Director: Doug Liman
Writers: Simon Kinberg, Jim Uhls, David S. Goyer
Producers: Simon Kinberg, Arnon Milchan, Lucas Foster
I viewed 6/08

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Britne said...

I thought this movie was pretty good. Action packed and definitey kept you on the edge of your seat. I would agree with your 3.5 star rating, I might have given it a 4 just because I have 4 teenagers and this was one we watched together and it wasn't full of sex and nudity for a change. There was violence but mild compared to the horror movies they like to watch. Very informative site, I will have to check it often as we rent movies just about every weekend.