Friday, July 11, 2008

Definitely, Maybe (2008) PG13 - 3 Stars

While the movie is cute and fairly well acted, I didn't find it all that funny.

Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) is a political consultant Manhattan dad going through a nasty divorce. His daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin), is trying to figure out why her father is not very happy. Though she is very sad over her parents breakup, she wants to know all about how her dad and mom first met. Will is reluctant to talk about his past with his 10 year old daughter, but she persists and finally he gives in.

This bed time story starts in 1992 when Will moves to New York from Wisconsin in order to work on the presidential campaign of Bill Clinton. Along the way he meets 3 very different type of women and explains his relationship with all of them to his daughter cause after all, she's just had a sex education class in school and now dad can discuss anything with her???

Universal Pictures
Director: Adam Brooks
Writer: Adam Brooks
Producers: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner
I viewed 7/08

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