Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Descent (2005) PG - 3 Stars

Okay I have to admit I am scoring this movie a wee bit high BUT for the Sci-Fi type movies like this, I actually enjoyed it. Okay yeah far fetched, yeah cheesy acting, okay a bit of a stretch on the story line, BUT the two geek hackers are my cup of tea. Coincidentally, I watched this movie on 7/28/08 and it had earthquakes and lava flows and then today 7/29/08, Los Angeles had it's biggest earthquake (5.4) of the last 14 years. Seemed sort of weird to me in a strange sort of way. Okay enough about me....

A group of brainy scientists have constructed a machine that is capable of drilling into the core of the earth, 10 miles down. It is in this area of earth, they have discovered new minerals and produced "Timi" that will power the ship with a nuclear charge, able to drill through solid rock. But all this drilling has caused the tectonic plates to shift around the world, setting off great earthquakes and volcanic eruptions too. (oh yeah I am BIG on red lava flowing so probably another reason I gave it a 3).

Well since they started it, they have to fix it and somehow the military is involved with a secret cover up. Biggest problem is, they will have to drill deeper, 25 miles, then they ever have before. Time is of the essence so let's fire that puppy up and hope for the best. Starring Luke Perry, Rick Roberts and Michael.

Lions Gate Films
Director: Terry Cunningham
Writers: Michael Konyves, L.S. Miller
Producers: Stefan Wodoslawsky, Neil Bregman
Staring: Michael Dorn, Rick Roberts, Luke Perry
I viewed 7/28/08

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