Sunday, July 13, 2008

Everything's Gone Green (2006) R - 2½ Stars

A young man trying to get a head legitimately, find everyone including his father growing pot and everyone trying to get a head. The movie takes place in Vancouver, the only town I could ever move to and be completely happy in the lush greenness. However, I didn't find it very funny, the story line was weak and the acting is not all that great. I guess you'll like it if you like Vancouver greenery, or your a stoner, if not, it's not a great pick.

Ryan (Paulo Costanzo) is beginning to think he comes from a family of losers. His father is growing pot in the basement, and his brother is scamming foreigners out of their money selling properties, the buyer will never see. But today is not a good day for Ryan. After loosing his job, he comes home to find his girlfriend has dumped him too. He's pushing 30 and finds employment with the lottery, writing about the lives of lottery winners. Along with their photograph, the winners are featured in the magazine. Ryan enrolls in a Mandarin language class and meets Ming (Steph Song). While trying to win over Ming from her current boyfriend Bryce, he pretends and starts to live the life style of a rich lottery winner. He needs to convince Ming to leave Bryce and how he really is a different person than he looks.

First Independent Picures
Director: Paul Fox
Writer: Douglas Coupland
Producers: Henrik Meyer, Elizabeth Yake, Chris Nanos
I viewed 1/07

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