Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America (2006) NR - 3 Stars

I thought this movie was okay and I watched it as I thought maybe I would learn more about this Bird Flu and how far it has come to infect us here in the U.S. I didn't like how the movie ended and don't think I learned anything more from it, but a decent watch if something better has already been checked out.

This movie was originally made for television about a disaster outbreak of the dreaded Avian Flu. Modern societies worst case scenario has finally become a reality when this Hong Kong bird flu adapts traits that allow it to transfer from human to human. It causes a major panic as millions of people are infected and start dying from the disease. Entire cities become under quarantine and some compare it to the Black Plague of the 14th century. The entire planet is at risk unless someone can come up with a plan soon.

Sony Pictures
Director: Richard Pearce
Writer: Ron McGee
I viewed 11/07

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