Friday, July 18, 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) PG - 4 Stars

WOW, if you've ever like fairies and goblins, you will like this movie. Great adventure movie for the whole family, unless of course the little ones get scared of the mean old ugly ogre. It's the story of a family going through not having their father with them and mom trying to make ends meet, uproots them to the country side.

Jared (Freddie Highmore) and Simon (Freddie Highmore) are twins and along with their sister Mallory (Sarah Bolger) and mother Helen (Mary-Louise Parker), they move away from the busy city to a huge old house in the countryside. Mom is taking them to their great great uncle Arthur Spiderwick's (David Strathairn) old home which holds many secrets to the world around them. Jared doesn't want to go and rebels all the way to their destination by not speaking. He wants to be with his father and not live way out nowhere with his siblings who don't understand him and blame him for any wrong doing.

Jared notices many disturbances of the house, like his sister waking one morning with her hair tied to the bed posts. He uncovers a secret passageway in the house direct to his uncles old study. There he finds a book that's been locked away for year and begins to read it to figure out whats going on in the house. He discover the magical history of the property and is now able to see what most people can't. He uses these powers to fight off the evils of the house and restore nature back to it's balance, bringing his family closer together.

Paramount Pictures
Director: Mark S. Waters
Writers: John Sayles, Karey Kirkpatrick, David Berenbaum
Producers: Larry Franco, Kathleen Kennedy, Karey Kirkpatrick
I viewed 7/08

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