Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Atonement (2007) R - 3½ Stars

You know how sometimes things gets so much hype, you have certain expectations of them and then you're let down? Well, that is how I felt over this movie. Don't get me wrong, it was a quality movie, however I just didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped from all the reviews and nominations. The acting is great and the set and costume design and wonderful for the 1935 time period, and the story believable for such the era of sexual taboo.

Briony Taliis (Saoirse Ronan) at age 13, lives with her family and older sister in a mansion complete with all the luxuries. Briony is bored though and spends her time getting into everyone elses business, including her sister Cecilia's (Keira Knightley.) Robbie (James McAvoy) is the housekeeper's son, and Briony sort of has a crush on him or at least, thrives on his attention. But Robbie keeps giving that attention to Cecilia. When Briony sees from her window, Cecilia go into the fountain on their estate, removing most of her clothes to do so, she is in shock that Robbie stood before her sister watching. Later, Briony finds the two about to make love in the house library. When a crime is committed in the woods, Briony decides to become a witness and point the finger at Robbie to remove him from his sister's presence.

It does change the situation, that is for sure. So much so, that Robbie is sent away to do time for a crime he did not commit and also be denied his true love Cecilia. Cecilia's heart is never healed and years later when Briony (Romola Garai) is 18, she returns to her sister's side to tell her the truth. But changing the lives of so many people are some things you can never make up for.

Awards are many and include:

2007 - Atonement - Academy - Best Original Score.
I was going to try and list the people involved in the best original score department but they are too numerous.

Working Title Films
Director: Joe Wright
Writer: Christopher Hampton
Producers: Paul Webster, Eric Fellner, Tim Bevan
I viewed 8/08

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