Friday, August 15, 2008

Blue Vinyl (2002) NR - 4 Stars

In thoroughly enjoy this documentary on vinyl siding. It was both highly educational, as well as eye opening. As consumers, we can do the right thing by making a choice about what products we buy. This is a great little documentary that I found about a product I think we all take for granted. Plastic! We use it in everything we these days but here is something I didn't know. Vinyl Siding is the most caustic product brought to the market in the world today. Not in the form of the actual siding on your house, but the production and disposal of the product. Sitting on the side of your house, causes no immediate harm, that is, unless there is a fire. Inhaling the burning plastic is VERY harmful to everyone and the planet. Think about that one the next time you see neighborhoods on fire. The long term exposure of inhaling that plastics burning can have devastating results.

Just ask Judith Helfand who does a great job co-directing and staring in this film, exploring the product from it's start to it's demise. You can visit the web site here. Or the film production site.

Bullfrog Films
Director: Judith Hefland, Daniel B. Gold
Producers: Judith Hefland, Daniel B. Gold, Julia D. Parker
I viewed 8/08

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Zola - This looks like a great one to check out.

Joe Reaper