Saturday, August 9, 2008

Diamond Dogs (2007) NR - 3 Stars

The movie probably only really warrants a rating of 2 by most people but, I actually liked it. The acting is not the greatest and the story line not entirely believable however, it kept me thoroughly entertained. Maybe it was Ronson's character as he seemed to be the only decent actor and made the movie for me.

Xander Ronson (Dolph Lundgren) is the best of what America's got. An ex-Army officer, he is considered the best in his field, but also the worst when fellow soldiers died by his hands. Ronson has now made his way to China and living there making ends meet by hustling others in fighting, arm wrestling or any way he can. But he's in debt and when the underground fighting ring is busted, Ronson finds himself before a judge facing a long prison sentence. Able to bribe the judge with cash on hand he had just won, he is given two weeks to come up with the rest of the money owed or face prison.

As chance would have it, a group of American fortune seekers led by Chambers (William Shriver), and his step daughter Anika (Yu Nan), enlist Ronson's help for protection and as a guide to help them find an ancient artifact that in the Buddhist religion is known as the Tangka. Supposedly this Tangka has not been seen and hidden away for many years since the Soviets tried to outlaw the Buddhist religion from Mongolia. It is said the Tangka holds many great mystical secrets and it's rumored to be adorned with diamonds totaling over $50 million. This American team is willing to risk everything to find and possess the Tangka. Rosnon also knows that finding the Tangka would solve his financial dilemma and make it so he'd never have to worry about money again.

The team has a map that leads to a secret hiding place deep in the mountains of Mongolia. But unfortunately, the team is not alone in their quest. A group of Russian mercenaries, used to getting whatever they want, have followed Ronson and his team to the mountain. Now it's a match off with each other determination of obtaining the Tangka, as well as dealing with the curse of disturbing the Tangka from it's original hiding place.

Sony Pictures
Directors: Samuel Dolhasca, Shimon Dotan
Writer: Leo St. Pierre
Producers: Louis Liu, Shimon Dotan
I viewed 7/08

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