Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Impact Point (2008) R - 3 Stars

Sort of already knew this movie would be cheesy just based on it's story line. I figured it was purely much made just to give the guys some girls in bikinis shots. And yes it was all that but I did actually like it more than I thought I would. An upcoming pro volleyball player discovers she has a stalker that will stop at nothing to get to her. The acting gets cheesy a lot but it's bearable. though the movie came out in theaters only 2 months ago, there is not a production still to be found on line.

Pro beach volleyball player Kelly (Melissa Keller) gets a lucky break when another player is killed and she gets to take her place. Putting her right where she has set her goals to be, Kelly sets out to win the championship with her new partner. However, little does she realize, her lucky break came because a stalker of her aced the player out to give Kelly a chance.

When a reporter, Holden (Brian Austin Green) shows up to do an exclusive interview on her, she also finds herself falling for him. But is he all that he seems to be? People around her start getting hurt and disappearing and as the finals approach, Kelly must decide what is more important. The chance of a life time, or her life.

Sony Pictures
Director: Hayley Cloake
Writer: Brett Merryman
Producer: Marc Bienstock
I viewed 8/08

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Anonymous said...

Nice hottie and it wasn't all that bad.