Friday, August 8, 2008

Long Distance (2005) R - 3 Stars

Most of this movie takes place inside of a young student's apartment. Keena stars as our innocent victim who happens to make one wrong phone call, and finds herself involved in murder and terror. She does a pretty good job of showing all the emotional trauma, experienced when a long distance phone call, leads to murder. I didn't expect or totally undersatnd the ending.

Nicole Freeman (Monica Keena), is a young student who's got the blues. Her recent split up with her boyfriend and everyone she comes in contact with mentioning the fact he's not around anymore, only adds to her wanting to shut herself off from the rest of the world. One night she returns a phone call to her mother but dials an incorrect area code at first. A man answers the phone and flirts with her on the phone. At first she almost flirts back until she questions why she is taking to a stranger on the phone. But this man does not want to end it with her so quickly. He repeatedly calls her back toying with her emotions. The next day, police question her as to why she called a home in another state where a murder just took place. When the police set up surveillance in her home, Nicole is used as bait to flush the killer out. This psycho is not done yet and continues the killing streak each time becoming closer to Nicole. Can police capture the killer in time before Nicole's sanity will be effected?

Image Entertainment
Director: Marcus Stern
Writers: Michael Rasmussen, Shawn Rasmussen, Glenn Cooper
Producers: Tessa Cooper, Glenn Cooper
I viewed 8/08

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