Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meet Bill (2007) R - 3 Stars

This movie started out real slow. I was finding myself loosing my attention span but finally I was able to actually see what the point of the movie was. At first I only heard blah blah blah and then a story line amazingly appeared and it ended up being an okay movie. I way so much better like the man Bill becomes. I wanted to slap the old character as he was so boring.

Bill (Aaron Eckhart) and his wife Jess (Elizabeth Banks) are a middle class family with good jobs and income but lacking any sort of quality fun in their lives. Jess is secretly sleeping with a local television news anchor Chip Johnson (Timothy Olyphant) however, Bill knows about it. He over heard Jess talking to Chip on the phone arranging a meet. Bill couldn't be home though as he had to be on a forced hunt trip with Jess's father who just happens to be Bill's boss as well.

Bill has a real self esteem problem and usually lets everyone push him around. When he finds a video camera in his bedroom with his wife on film getting it on with Chip, he confronts her with the tape, and now finds him self staying with his gay brother and lover while trying to look normal in social functions that involve work and his wife.

Meanwhile, Bill is mentoring and young very over confident student who he's nicknamed "the Kid" (Logan Lerman). Well this kid helps Bill, who's having a mid life crisis, change his life around and become his own man. Along with the help of their beautiful new friend, Lucy (Jessica Alba).

First Look International
Directors: Melissa Wallack, Bernie Goldmann
Writer: Melissa Wallack
Producers: Matthew Rowland, Matthew Roland, John Penotti
I viewed 8/08

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