Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Planet (2006) R - 2 Stars

I may even be high in rating a 2 on this one, but I did like the big giant electrical being at the end. However, the other beings, the stars of the movie, well they need some serious acting lessons. Talk about cheese. This has got to be one of the lowest budget films I've seen lately. However, I did enjoy the last scene the best.

This is a group of macho heavy accent fighter dudes. After they are involved in a battle on their ship, those that were not killed, telepod away from danger and land on the closest planet. Oh yeah, they had a prisoner on board who got away too and lands on the same planet. The planet is deserted but lucky there is oxygen for them to breath. But the prisoner escapes and wonders off into the distance knowing exactly where to go. There's an evil force lurking on the planet and the prisoner is looking for it to full fill his destiny. Causing havoc on the team, and turning them against each other, their only chance of survival is to send a pod back into space to contact the closest ship for rescue. If they fail, this evil force could infect the rest of the universe.

I really couldn't tell you who is who because I didn't connect with any of the characters but, the movie starred Mike Mitchell as Captain Morgan, Scott Ironside as Vince, Michael G. Clark as Taylor, Graham Robertson as Williams, Ashley Branston as Roberts, Colin Morrison as the Prisoner, Patrick Wight as McNeal, Shawn Paul Hastings as Leyton, Steve Tomas as Marsh, Tim Branston as Mitch and Mark Wyness as Daak.

Charon Film AB
Director: Mark Stirton
Writer: Mark Stirton
Producer: Michael G. Clark
I viewed 8/08

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