Friday, August 29, 2008

Yellow (2006) R - 3 Stars

I must say this girl has the skinny body perfectly made for dancing. Almost too skinny. Roselyn Sanchez, co writer, also stars as Amaryllis Campos, who's danced all her life but finds herself falling apart when her father / dance teacher Franco (Jaime Tirelli), commits suicide. The movie has an erotic twist when Sanchez works as a stripper temporarily trying to make ends meet. I liked her relationship with with her new neighbor Miles and I wish the movie would have touched on that a little more. Especially when Mile's son comes to visit, but all and all, I thought the acting was fairly decent all the way throughout. The movies starts out in Spanish with English subtitles but ends in English for all of you who can't do a "sub-titled" movie, this one is really only at the beginning.

Amaryllis Campos (Roselyn Sanchez) is a dancer from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her father is a proud man and has trained Amaryllis in her dancing, all her life. When he can no longer bare his life in a wheel chair, he takes his own life with a bullet. When Amaryllis walks in on her fiance and her mother involved in some dirty dancing of their own, she flees town to New York City, where she hopes she can make it big. She's housed next to a funny old man, Miles Emory (Bill Duke) whom she listened to his tales for hours. But she wants more and heads to the streets to find a dancing job.

Amaryllis applies to a flyer only to find out it's not the type of dancing she's used to. At this gig, she has to undress undignified, to make ends meet. But she'll never be happy till she can make it in the Big Apple, as her father did. It's her way on honoring her father, even if it means turning away from her true love, Christian (D.B. Sweeney).

Hannibal Pictures
Director: Alfredo de Villa
Writers: Nakoma Whobrey, Roselyn Sanchez
Producers: Stephen J. Brown, Roselyn Sanchez, Dennis Murphy
I viewed 8/08

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