Thursday, September 4, 2008

In the Shadow of the Moon (2007) PG - 3 Stars

There is a story to be told about even being able to watch this movie. First I have had it on my list at Blockbuster for over 5 months with it telling me "Very Long Wait." I walked into Blockbuster and found it on the shelf, rented it, came home and erased it from my online want list, and popped it in my DVD player. Wait what's this? It's a comedy special, not what I was waiting for as someone has returned the wrong DVD. The girl calls around to see if any store store has a copy, nope and they have only the one. Now I REALLY want to see this movie as it's been such in demand and out of reach. Well, my online subscription came through and whaa-laa, I get the movie. All I can say is how disappointed I was to finally see the flick after having so much trouble obtaining it. Hey Ron, you tried to make this documentary to much of a production and didn't spend enough time showing the footage we all wanted to see. I was bored with the dialog waiting to finally see some moon footage.

Perhaps, I should have seen this flick before I watched "For All Mankind." Maybe then it would have done something for me, but for all the trouble and time I went through to finally view it, it wasn't cracked up to what I thought it would be. If you want to see moon landing footage that really blows you away, see "For all Mankind" and don't waste your time trying to get a hold of a copy of this one. It's not a horrible documentary, I just recommend if you want to take that journey back to the moon, see the other one.

Director: David Sington
Producer: Duncan Copp
I viewed 8/08

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