Friday, October 31, 2008

One False Move (1991) R - 3½ Stars

Great little Independant movie with award winning preformences from the entire cast. I love how the small town sheriff handles the situation better then the L.A. detectives, though it may have helped that he had some inside information. The movie is intense and sad too and looks at the racial and class differences of people.

Naive Sheriff Dale "Hurricane" Dixon (Bill Paxton)is in for the adventure of his life when he comes in contact with three drug dealing murders from Los Angeles. When two L.A. cops show up to in Big City, Arkansas ahead of the gang, Sheriff Dixon is in awe of their big city techniques. Not much happens in Big City that Dixon can't handle with a handshake and he's never had to draw his gun before. The two cops don't take Dixon very seriously and wish he would not get involved in it.

Ray Malcolmand (Bob Thornton) and Pluto (Michael Beach), are go way back from their prison time together and along with Ray's girlfriend Lila Fantasia (Cynda Williams), the three are involved in a drug deal that ends up very bad. On the run, the three head to "Big City", a little small city where they are hoping no one will care much about their presence. But in a battle to the end, Dixon has the inside information with Fantasia that helps bring the gang down.

1992 - One False Move - Independent Spirit Awards - Best Director
1990 - One False Move - Los Angeles Film Critics Association - New Generation Award

IRS Releasing
Director: Carl Franklin
Writers: Tom Epperson, Carl Franklin, Billy Bob Thornton
Producers: Harold Welb, Ben Myron, Jesse Beaton
I viewed 9/08

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seven Years in Tibet (1997) PG-13 - 4 Stars

Now this was a really great movie that I was surprised I had not heard of before until I found it on the "inner shelf" at Blockbuster. The cinematography is outstanding and I read some of it was filmed in secret in Tibet. The story is taken from memoir notes of Heinrich Harrer, a famed and very experienced mountain climber from Austria, who meets and becomes friends with the Dali Lama. Brad Pitt does and outstanding job portraying Heinrich.

In 1939, Heinrich Harrer (Brad pitt), headed an expedition to the Himalayan mountains to climb Nanga Parbat, one of the highest peaks. Against his pregnant wife's wishes, he set out for his climb leaving his friend behind to look after his wife. Instead he was taken as a prisoner of war for being on land under Allied forces. His holding area has to become stronger and stronger as Heinrich makes many attempts to escape. In a final attempt at freedom he and Peter Aufschnaiter (David Thewlis), make their way to the Forbidden City in Tibet. As the two enter this forbidden city in disguise, they are quickly found out but offered shelter while they await the end of the war.

The Dalai Lama (Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk), is just a teenage boy even though he is the spiritual leader of his Buddhist nation. The boy quickly becomes fascinated in Heinrich and the two develop a friendship bond under the watchful eyes of those protecting him. Teaching the Dalai Lama about the world, Heinrich begins to think of his son and finding his way somehow back to him. Heinrich's son would be about the same age as the Dalai. An invasion from China leads to hundreds of deaths in Tibet that strangle hold continues there today.

TriStar Pictures
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Writer: Becky Johnston
Producers: John H. Williams, Iain Smith, Jean-Jacques Annaud
I viewed 9/08

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Unfinished Life (2005) PG13 - 4 Stars

I really liked this movie, set in a small town in Montana. Three of my favorite actors, Jennifer Lopez, Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman all together in the same movie, it's got to be good. All three give superior performances as they each struggle to get up each morning and do the right thing. Filmed in a beautiful setting, makes you value that simple life.

Einar Gilkyson (Reobert Redford), and Mitch (Morgan Freeman), are what's left of a working ranch high in the hills of Montana. The two have been together for 40 years on the ranch. But Einar had a bad drinking habit causing mismanagement of his land, his hired help leaving and the selling of his cows, just to make ends meet. One afternoon when Mitch and Einar were out in the field, they came across a Grizzly feeding. Startled, the bear turned on Mitch nearly mauling him to death. To this day, Einar has attended to the painful wounds of his only last friend Mitch. Einar still pines the loss of his only son, Griffin to a car accident that he still blames his daughter Jean (Jennifer Lopez), for.

Jean has been living with the guilt of her husbands death and has gotten herself and her daughter "Griff" Gilkyson (Becca Gardner) named after her father, into a situation she has a hard time getting out of. Her new boyfriend Gary Winston (Damian Lewis), has become abusive to her and resorted to hitting her. When she can stand the abuse no longer, she flees with her daughter to anywhere far away from Gary. But their car has another idea in mind and when they have no choice, the board a bus to Montana to Einar's ranch to introduce his grand daughter.

Mitch is barely able to move because of his wounds, but manages to feel pity for the bear when he learns of his capture and captivity at the local petting zoo. Though he's lucky to be alive, he still almost forgives the bear for his intrusion that day. When the 3 adults, and child, all co-exist together, they will teach each other valuable lessons while healing each other's wounds.

Miramax Films
Director: Lasse Hallström
Writers: Mark Spragg, Virginia Spragg
Producers: Leslie Holleran, Alan Ladd, Jr., Kelliann Ladd
I viewed 5/06 and 10/08

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Babysitters (2007) R - 3 Stars

The movie was actually better than I thought it was going to be, Young girl gets seduced by a lonely dad on her way home from babysitting his kids. When she discovers how much money there is to made, she starts up her own business where dad’s can get much more than just watching his kids.

Shirley (Katherine Waterston) is a neat freak. She has everything in order in her room and even tidies up the house she is babysitting for above and beyond what they expect. Let’s just say, she’s learned to give a whole lot more for the money than your typical 16 year old babysitter. She sits for a couple Michael (John Leguizamo) and his pretty wife Gail (Cynthia Nixon), who have two children. One night on the way home, Michael makes an advance on Shirley and she allows it to happen. Even though he feels alive again, after he drops her off he feels so guilty he throws a lot of money her way. She begins to turn her puppy love affection into cold hard cash and finds her services are in demand.

Before she knows it, she is unable to keep up with the call for new babysitting jobs and enlists the help of her best friend. Before long, the two find even with both of them babysitting, they are unable to meet the demand for all the calls. But when they enlist the help of two more friends, these two newbies decide that they will make money on their own and cut Shirley out of the loop. It doesn't take long before Shirley figures out why her phone isn't ringing but nothing will prepare for her father's involvement in this new service.

Peace Arch Films
Director: David Ross
Writer: David Ross
Producers: Jennifer Dubin, Kathy DeMarco, Cora Olson
I viewed 9/08

Monday, October 27, 2008

American Blackout (2005) NR - 3½ Stars

I found this documentary to be totally enlightening to me. I had heard of Cynthia McKinney before but having having shut my mind out where politics where concerned, I never realised how much I dig this lady. Hated by most Republicans, she struggles through constant road blocks to change policy and make sure every one's vote is counted.

After the presidential election of 2000, and the Florida farce of counting the votes, and again in Ohio in 2004, McKinney was the one who stood up and rattled a few cages about what she believes is really going on in our government. I have to say, I agree with her on most issues she's brought to light. It's why I feel our vote, "the people's voice", doesn't count for much when it comes to electing our president. I mean I know it totally DOES count but if it comes down to it, I believe that people can be bought, and tables turned to even the score for those with the most power and connections. That's my personal opinion but I found myself agreeing most of the time with McKinney's way of thinking. I really respect the way she's thrown herself out there with no regards for her comfort zone because some things are just more important. I recommend seeing this documentary to anyone with an open mind.

2006 - American Blackout - Sundance Film Festival - Special Jury Prize (Documentary Jury)

Guerilla News Network
Director: Ian Inaba
Producer: Anastasia King
I viewed 10/08

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chop Shop (2007) NR - 3 Stars

I like movies that open my eyes to situations I am otherwise not aware of. At first glance I would have thought this movie was in some third world country but, it was filmed in the outer edge of Queens, New York. The movie's pretty low budget but has a big story to tell of the day to day struggle of a young boy and his sister trying to make ends meet and feed themselves. How many children grow up way too fast and have to become adults instead of enjoying their childhood?

Alejandro (Alejandro Polanco) is basically a homeless orphan along with his 16 year old sister, Isamar (Isamar Gonzales) trying to get ahead in the world. His days are spent working in a Chop Shop auto body repair shop. He is able to stay in one of the storage areas along with his sister at nights. His sister tries to hold down a job but ends up meeting men in the back of their truck cabs to make more money.

Alejandro has big dreams of starting his own food truck service and hustles whatever he needs to talk his sister into buying a food coach van. But Alejandro will resort to any means to make his dreams for his sister and himself come true. Even though he's street smart, and determined, he finds out he's not quit ready yet to be a man.

2007 - Chop Shop - Independent Spirit Award - Someone to Watch Award.

Koch Lorber Films, LLC
Director: Ramin Bahrani
Writers: Bahareh Azimi, Ramin Bahrani
Producers: Jeb Brody, Marc Turtletaub, Lisa Muskat
I viewed 9/08

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wild Things (1998) R - 3½ Stars

After I watched this movie, I do remember seeing it before years ago. Denise Richards is such a young cutie but plays such a real physco teen. Matt Dillion is great and everyone seems to get theirs in the end and the movie takes an unexpected turn of who done it.

Sam Lombardo (Matt Dillon) is a guidance counselor and also teaches sailing in Blue Bay, Florida a nice well to do community. Kelly Van Ryan (Denise Richards), is a cute little spoiled girl who's got a crush on Sam. Sam is just a real nice guy to the kids and Kelly mistakes that for genuine feelings towards her. When she makes an advance on him, and he refuses her, she feels so humiliated she accusing him of rape. Word passes quickly and Sam is snubbed from the country club as well as suspended from school.

Ken Bowden (Bill Murray), is the only attorney that is within Sam's price range so he enlists his aid to help clear the charges. But there's way more to the story as Sandra Van Ryan (Theresa Russell), is Kelly's mother and also Sam's former lover. She was disses by Sam and voes to get revenge against him through her daughter and she hires the cities best lawyers. Sam finds it hard to live in his home where he has become the accused, tried and sentenced without even his day in court yet.

When the trial begins, Suzie Toller (Neve Campbell) who lives in a trailer park without all the glitter and glam of Kelly's life, comes forth and makes the same claim that Sam has forced himself on her as well. But investigator Ray Duquette (Kevin Bacon) smells something fishy and the whole case takes a turn when he thinks the girls and Sam are in it together to bilk Kelly's mom out of millions.

Sony Pictures Releasing
Director: John McNaughton
Writer: Stephen Peters
Producers: Rodney Liber, Steven A. Jones
I viewed 9/08

Friday, October 24, 2008

Testosterone (2003) NR - 3 Stars

In Spanish with English subtitles, Testosterone is a love story, comedy and thriller all wrapped into one. I liked the twist at the end that I wasn't expecting and the role of Pablo's bitchy mother was chosen well. When one man leaves his lover without even a goodbye, the other man will travel great lengths to find out why. And for those who they say hell hath no furry as a woman scorned, they haven't met Dean.

Dean (David Sutcliffe) and Pablo (Antonio Sabato Jr.) are two men love and at least for Dean leaving the happy life as a couple. Dean is a a comic book artist living in Los Angeles with his lover. When he wakes up one morning to find Pablo gone with out a trace, or a goodbye, and to solve his serious depression and writer's block, Dean decides to travel to Argentina to find his ex-lover Pablo and in order to put closure on their relationship. Dean finds the wealthy home of Pablo's mother (Sonia Braga) but she threatens to have him arrested if he returns to the property. Sofia (Celina Font) works across the street from the home and along with her brother try to help Dean trying to find Pablo. But these two have their own agenda in finding Pablo and Dean comes out of it with a best selling comic book of his adventures.

Strand Releasing
Director: David Moreton
Writers: Dennis Hensley, David Moreton
Producers: David Moreton, Kathryn Riccio
I viewed 9/08

Thursday, October 23, 2008

American Meth (2007) NR - 3 Stars

Val Kilmer narrates this documentary by filmmaker Justin Hunt who takes viewers on an up close and personal look at the life of the typical American methamphetamine user. Justin traveled from New Mexico to Portland in order to explore the toll that the drug has taken on American families. He also tries to show that it's never too late to change your life and break away from the addiction. The film takes on a very personal look when he interviews meth addicted parents James and Holly, who have four children, leaving in a trailer park trying to decide what is more important to spend their money on. Their addiction or their family and unfortunately the children are the ones to suffer.

You can read more about Justin Hunt's fight to end addiction by visiting his website.

Time & Tide Productions
Director: Justin Hunt
Writer: Justin Hunt
Producer: Justin Hunt
I viewed 9/08

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Funny Games (2007) R - 2½ Stars

Funny Games reminded me of a take off on A Clockwork Orange where a group of young lads seek a fun adventure of terrorising families to death. The movie is pretty low budget and acting is pretty hammy and even though the family is being terrorised you almost want to slap them for not paying more attention. They make it way too easy for the boys to take control of the situation.

George (Ulrich Mühe), and his wife Anna (Susanne Lothar), and their son Georgie (Stefan Clapczynski) have just arrived at their vacation home for a week of relation and sailing with their neighbors. While unpacking and settling in, they are visited by a young man Peter (Frank Giering) asking to borrow eggs for their friends and neighbors next door. But as Peter starts to leave he drops the eggs and asks for more. Anna gives him another four which he drops and always drops her cell phone into the kitchen sink water. When Peter's brother Paul (Michael Pitt) shows up asking why there is a problem, Anna's suspicions grow as to the boy's intentions. When husband George becomes involved it becomes a cat and mouse game of survival.

Warner Independant Pictures
Director: Michael Haneke
Writer: Michael Haneke
Producers: Chris Coen, Hengameh Panahi, Hamish McAlpine
I viewed 9/08

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (2008) PG13 - 3½ Stars

I have always loved Martin Lawrence since the Def Comedy Jam days where he hosted and really became noticed. As the host, he was absolutely hilarious and sort of always will be remembered to me by those days. He can do things with his facial features just enough to accent his laughs and this movie is full of his facial expressions that make you laugh.

Roscoe Jenkins "RJ" (Martin Lawrence) has become a fairly successful television talk show host with his "Team of Me" philosophy, raising his son alone. He's met and is engaged to a beautiful reality T.V. host Bianca Kittle (Joy Bryant). She's quit the looker about to become trophy wife.

When Roscoe's parents have their 50th wedding anniversary, he puts his television and family life on hold while he makes plans to travel to Georgia. As a boy, RJ was the target of ridicule within his family and friends always being picked on and eager to take on a challenge. It was his childhood friend Otis (Michael Clarke Duncan) that took away his chance at love with child hood love, Lucinda (Nicole Ari Parker). But RJ thinks these days are different now as he has a 10 year old son, and his good looking fiance Bianca who's been seen world wide on television. But Roscoe soon finds out that old wounds are still unsettled and his lovable family Betty (Mo'nique) and Mama Jenkins (Margaret Avery) and Papa Jenkins (James Earl Jones), have not changed much and with much at stake, Roscoe has to decide which man he has become.

Universal Pictures Distribution
Director: Malcolm D. Lee
Writer: Malcolm D. Lee
Producers: Scott Stuber, Malcolm Castaldi, Charles Castaldi
I viewed 8/08

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Usual Suspects (1995) R - 3½ Stars

The coolest part to this movie is you think you have it solved in your head and then it takes a turn you don't expect for the ending. I love Kevin Spacey in everything he does and this movie is no exceptions. But pay attention as there is a lot going on where listening to dialogue is important and the movie jumps back and forth in time so what you see is not always what you get.

Roger "Verbal" Kint (Kevin Spacey), suffers from cerebral palsy yet he is an accomplished con man. "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist" is one of Roger's lines that helps pull off a huge pay load as he practices what he preaches. When there is a major hijacking of gun parts in New York, 5 usual suspects are taken into custody for the night to see what the know. While gathered together the group plots to rob some jewelry and after it goes well, they travel to Los Angeles and get involved in a 91 million dollar cocaine heist.

Police detective Dave Kujan (Chazz Palminteri) bring Roger, a one time cop gone bad, Kint McManus (Stephen Baldwin), Hockney (Kevin Pollak), and Fenster (Benicio Del Toro) in for questioning knowing that Roger "Verbal" can't keep his mouth shut. In recounting the story, the men were able to pull off a jewelry heist and while trying to unload the goods, they run into Kobayashi (Pete Postlethwaite), who works for criminal mastermind Keyser Soze. Soze's violent reputation is so infamous that the men feel they have no choice but to go along.

Tons of awards including:
1995 - Usual Suspects - Academy - Best Supporting Actor
1995 - Usual Suspects - Academy - Best Original Screenplay

Blue Parrot Productions
Director: Bryan Singer
Writer: Christopher McQuarrie
Producers: Bryan Singer, Michael McDonnell
I viewed 9/08

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Incrediable Hulk (2008) PG13 - 3½ Stars

While I thought this was a good movie and the special effects awesome, I felt it took too long to get into the story line which ended up making it a long movie. I found myself taking breaks in between because it was not holding my attention well. There is one scene where Bruce is biking home one night and where the scene merges behind the other to look like it was stars in the sky or something, it really caught my eye in a bad way where I even stopped the movie to play it back a few times and voice my opinion on how I thought it looked cheap and bothered me. That was the only time I felt that way but for some reason now I think of the movie, I think of that scene thus my fairly low rating.

Undercover KGB agent, Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) is intent on producing the next new discovery and he devotes all of his time in his laboratory experimenting no matter how many times he has failed. When the government for whom he's been working, tells him he is not allowed for any human experiments, he decides to experiment on himself. His son is born, with these antibodies passed onto him. As he looks for a cure with more wanting to experiment more on his son, he is taken away and put in prison for 20 years.

As Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) grows up, he feels different from others but is unsure of why. But when his anger is unleashed he starts to grow inside and out, exposing the hulk of himself he was made to be. He seeks a cure from the gamma radiation that poisoned his cells along with the help of his nice looking co-worker Betty Ross (Liv Tyler). But General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (William Hurt), and his military power, are eager to capture The Hulk and use his secrets to their advantage.

When Bruce's father is released from prison and discovers that his experiment has finally worked, he tries to use the power for his own selfishness and between Thunderbolt, The Hulk and Emil, it's a fight to the finish in New York City.

Universal Pictures
Director: Louis Leterrier
Writers: Edward Norton, Zak Penn
Producers: Avi Arad, Kevin Feige, Gale Anne Hurd
I viewed 10/08

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ironman (2008) PG13 - 4½ Stars

Now here is a movie from Marvel studios, that if you can get past the fact that one man can erect this type of suit on his own in a cave, than you can truly enjoy the movie. I liked this movie a lot maybe for the fact that this spoiled rich kid actually finds out he can be a pretty nice guy while trying to protect the world from the evil his company has been producing. Special effects are awesome and acting is good.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), is the wealthy young CEO and inventor of one of America's most profitable companies manufacturing weapons. The company is so successful, they have just invented the world's most destructive missile of the 21st century. While Tony is on an important assignment to show the effects of his missile, he is kidnapped and taken prisoner by an enemy wanted to learn his secrets.

Tony is locked up and forced to design the same type missile but instead constructs a set of iron armor to protect him as he makes his way free from his captives. What he produces is quite something else. A one man self protection suit equipped with flam throwing torches and nuclear propulsion. As he takes out the bad men and travels back to his home, he is eager to produce something as powerful in his home lab. The Ironman outfit is created with such great capabilities, it can take on the world.

But Tony is forced to build an even better more streamlined suit, when he discovers a deadly conspiracy of global proportions. Along with the help of his secretary, Virginia "Pepper" Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), he is able save the world from the evil and other villains.

Paramount Pictures
Director: Jon Favreau
Writers: Mark Fergus, Matt Holloway, Art Marcum
Producers: Kevin Feige, Avi Arad
I viewed 10/08

Friday, October 17, 2008

Savage Grace (2008) NR - 2½ Stars

While I'm not real proud of the role Julianne Moore played in this movie, I must say I think she did an excellent acting job of playing the over the edge divorcee mom. The movie is based on the real life story of Barbara Daly, the wife of Brooks Baekeland the creator of the Bakelite plastics in the late 1940's. The couples only son would eventually grow up to kill his mother. The whole movie sort of gave me the creeps over the mother and son behavior.

Barbara Baekelan (Julianne Moore), marries above her class Brooks (Stephen Dillane), and into the fortune of the Bakelite plastic family. Their good fortune affords them many comforts of life and Barbara is accustomed to entertaining the highest social circles even if only for show. But after the couple has their only son Anthony "Tony" (Eddie Redmayne), their lives change forever.

Their son Tony grows up to be homosexual and a failure in his father's eyes. Brooks eventually divorces himself from both Barbara and his son. As Tony becomes more introverted and closer to his mother, she thinks she can break him of his obsession to be gay by seducing him. But when that little "act" backfires on her, Tony kills his mother while ordering Chinese take out.

First Take (IFC)
Director: Tom Kalin
Writer: Howard A. Rodman
Producers: Iker Monfort, Katie Roumel, Christine Vachon
I viewed 10/08

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sex And The City The Movie (2008) R - 4 Stars

For anyone who is a fan of the Sex and The City HBO series, you'll love this movie as well. At least speaking from a woman's point of view, the movies gives a deep insight into the feelings of finding and loosing love. I was not disappointed with the movie as I was skeptical the writers would be able to turn the series into a movie so easily after four years of it's ending. But I think it felt like the good old days glued to the set of another episode.

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) stars once again as the writer from Manhattan, New York that talks to other woman about love. With a few books under her belt, she is finally with the man of her dreams, Mr Big (Chris Noth), and living the dream life she had always dreamed about with him. But problems arise when they try and take their relationship to the next level.

Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is still in love and happily married to her sweetie Harry Goldenblatt (Evan Handler), and they have adopted a little Chinese princess, Lily. Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is still married to Steve (David Eigenberg ) and living with their son in Brooklyn. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is living her dream in California with her wealthy TV star / live-in boyfriend of 10 years, Smith Jerrod (Jason Lewis), and trying to not give into her sexual fantasies urges with the boy next door.

But when Carrie is left alone at the alter, the girls need to regroup together and pick her up out of her stooper. In doing so, they all discover what is the right thing to do in their own lives to move on and live better. Sometimes you have to decide which is better, having nothing but your sanity, or having it all and living insane.

New Line Entertainment
Directors: Michael Patrick King
Writer: Michael Patrick King
Producers: Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael Patrick King, Darren Star, John Melfi
I viewed 10/08

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jam (2007) NR - 2½ Stars

Jam is a movie that without all the special effects and props, tries to paint a simple portrait about what in life, really matters. Like the movie "Crash", Jam brings together the lives of 10 plus innocent victims who will become entwined, when they meet one Father's Day on a forest road high upon a mountain side. If you want to get the "let's get along" message and don't need the special movie effects, Jam is a decent movie to see.

When a collision causes a mountain road to be cut off, many different people come in contact with each other for good or for worse. A cellist, Lorraine (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) brakes to avoid hitting a dog in the road. Ted (William Forsythe) and his son Josh (Dan Byrd), who's driving, rear end her car. A power line is brought down and too risky to try and move the cars with live wires all around and with no cell phone reception in the mountains, they have no choice but to sit it out and wait.

As the cars start piling up behind them, three girlfriends are on their way to catch a ferry to make it to her wedding on time. Many secrets are spilled and the wedding cake ruined which gives Amy (Amanda Detmer) the bride, and her friends Stephanie (Amanda Foreman) and Jen (Elizabeth Bogush) a chance to see if this if marriage is the really the right thing. Lilac (Gina Torres) and her lesbian girlfriend Rose (Mariah O'Brien), are stuck on the road while Rose is about to give birth. The seek shelter in a RV where (David DeLuise) and Curt (Christopher Amitrano) are inside frantically trying to break into a stolen ATM machine. Dale (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is divorced and spending Fathers Day with his kids Robert (Skyler Gisondo) and Brianna (Marissa Blanchard), which he must tell them he's moving out of state. One wall street couple Gary (Jonathan Silverman) and Judy (Julie Claire), snub the rest of the world, as they must actually deal with life beyond cell phone service, nannies and lack of A/C. A nice old couple married of 30 years, Mick (Alex Rocco) and his wife Ruby (Tess Harper), breathe new life into a failing father Dale (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who is on his special Fathers Day visitation trip with his children.

Yes there's a lot going on for a little tiny movie that opens up every one's eyes but I can't find a production still from the movie to display.

Thanksgiving Films
Director: Craig Serling
Writiers: Craig Serling, Nicole Lonner
Producer: Dianne Burnett, Craig Serling
I viewed 10/08

Monday, October 13, 2008

Youth Without Youth (2007) - 1½ Stars

You know I was getting into this movie at first but it started getting confusing and then boring to me. Confusing because I was pretty much lost over the relationship between Dominic and Veronica and her accident that left her chanting other languages. Boring because I completely lost attachment for the characters and just wanted the movie to be over with. Sadly, I turned it off just before the end because I didn't want be confused anymore.

Dominic Matei (Tim Roth) is a 70 year old man who is has lost his wife and fears he will not finish his life's work before he dies. One day while he was out, he was struck by lightning and burned badly. What should have killed him, instead reverses the signs of time on his body and makes his mind mentally sharp as a tack, until he regresses into the body of a 40 year old. He can learn new languages in his sleep and merely glance at a book cover to uncover the knowledge inside. But with WWII lurking in the background, Dominic is wanted by everyone including the Nazis to observe his remarkable survival. When he meets Veronica (Alexandra Maria Lara), who reminds him so much of his dead wife Laura, that's where I had to draw the line on the movie. What started out as a romance, turned to a strange obsession of insanity that I found more irritating than compassion for the characters.

Sony Pictures Classics
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Writer: Francis Ford Coppola
Producer: Francis Ford Coppola
I viewed 10/08

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Zola's Intermission Take 9 - I'm back!!!

I've been back since the 24th and finally ready to get back at my movie reviews but unfortunately, my computer was not. Somehow I got a pretty nasty worm virus in it that now is fixed except I have a few more parts to change out this weekend. So if everything goes well, you should see more movie reviews starting Monday - Columbus Day.

The camping trip was excellent and I could have not asked for better weather. The last two years I have been rained on at least one day. However, the lap top did not work out the way I had planned. I was unable to get reception most of the time from my tent, and the times I did, well I was almost about of battery life by then. I even drained my car battery the last night from all the charging I was doing with my camera batteries, laptop and Margarita making blender. But that's what AAA is for right?

I met some wonderful people there who even stayed a few extra days just to party with me in the woods. As a mater of fact, Talon age 5 and Talia age 3, did a video movie review for me about the new movie "Wall-E." And as soon as I can get my connection working again on my video camera to connect it to my computer, I will have a special review straight from their mouths. Other than that, I didn't bring a piece of paper or anything to do as I thought my time at night. would be consumed with the lap top viewing movies and writing reviews.

But never fear, I've watched 20 plus movies since I've been home and will be getting them all on line soon. So here are a few pics from my trip for now and see you all on Monday.