Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jam (2007) NR - 2½ Stars

Jam is a movie that without all the special effects and props, tries to paint a simple portrait about what in life, really matters. Like the movie "Crash", Jam brings together the lives of 10 plus innocent victims who will become entwined, when they meet one Father's Day on a forest road high upon a mountain side. If you want to get the "let's get along" message and don't need the special movie effects, Jam is a decent movie to see.

When a collision causes a mountain road to be cut off, many different people come in contact with each other for good or for worse. A cellist, Lorraine (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) brakes to avoid hitting a dog in the road. Ted (William Forsythe) and his son Josh (Dan Byrd), who's driving, rear end her car. A power line is brought down and too risky to try and move the cars with live wires all around and with no cell phone reception in the mountains, they have no choice but to sit it out and wait.

As the cars start piling up behind them, three girlfriends are on their way to catch a ferry to make it to her wedding on time. Many secrets are spilled and the wedding cake ruined which gives Amy (Amanda Detmer) the bride, and her friends Stephanie (Amanda Foreman) and Jen (Elizabeth Bogush) a chance to see if this if marriage is the really the right thing. Lilac (Gina Torres) and her lesbian girlfriend Rose (Mariah O'Brien), are stuck on the road while Rose is about to give birth. The seek shelter in a RV where (David DeLuise) and Curt (Christopher Amitrano) are inside frantically trying to break into a stolen ATM machine. Dale (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is divorced and spending Fathers Day with his kids Robert (Skyler Gisondo) and Brianna (Marissa Blanchard), which he must tell them he's moving out of state. One wall street couple Gary (Jonathan Silverman) and Judy (Julie Claire), snub the rest of the world, as they must actually deal with life beyond cell phone service, nannies and lack of A/C. A nice old couple married of 30 years, Mick (Alex Rocco) and his wife Ruby (Tess Harper), breathe new life into a failing father Dale (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who is on his special Fathers Day visitation trip with his children.

Yes there's a lot going on for a little tiny movie that opens up every one's eyes but I can't find a production still from the movie to display.

Thanksgiving Films
Director: Craig Serling
Writiers: Craig Serling, Nicole Lonner
Producer: Dianne Burnett, Craig Serling
I viewed 10/08

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