Friday, October 31, 2008

One False Move (1991) R - 3½ Stars

Great little Independant movie with award winning preformences from the entire cast. I love how the small town sheriff handles the situation better then the L.A. detectives, though it may have helped that he had some inside information. The movie is intense and sad too and looks at the racial and class differences of people.

Naive Sheriff Dale "Hurricane" Dixon (Bill Paxton)is in for the adventure of his life when he comes in contact with three drug dealing murders from Los Angeles. When two L.A. cops show up to in Big City, Arkansas ahead of the gang, Sheriff Dixon is in awe of their big city techniques. Not much happens in Big City that Dixon can't handle with a handshake and he's never had to draw his gun before. The two cops don't take Dixon very seriously and wish he would not get involved in it.

Ray Malcolmand (Bob Thornton) and Pluto (Michael Beach), are go way back from their prison time together and along with Ray's girlfriend Lila Fantasia (Cynda Williams), the three are involved in a drug deal that ends up very bad. On the run, the three head to "Big City", a little small city where they are hoping no one will care much about their presence. But in a battle to the end, Dixon has the inside information with Fantasia that helps bring the gang down.

1992 - One False Move - Independent Spirit Awards - Best Director
1990 - One False Move - Los Angeles Film Critics Association - New Generation Award

IRS Releasing
Director: Carl Franklin
Writers: Tom Epperson, Carl Franklin, Billy Bob Thornton
Producers: Harold Welb, Ben Myron, Jesse Beaton
I viewed 9/08

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