Thursday, October 9, 2008

Zola's Intermission Take 9 - I'm back!!!

I've been back since the 24th and finally ready to get back at my movie reviews but unfortunately, my computer was not. Somehow I got a pretty nasty worm virus in it that now is fixed except I have a few more parts to change out this weekend. So if everything goes well, you should see more movie reviews starting Monday - Columbus Day.

The camping trip was excellent and I could have not asked for better weather. The last two years I have been rained on at least one day. However, the lap top did not work out the way I had planned. I was unable to get reception most of the time from my tent, and the times I did, well I was almost about of battery life by then. I even drained my car battery the last night from all the charging I was doing with my camera batteries, laptop and Margarita making blender. But that's what AAA is for right?

I met some wonderful people there who even stayed a few extra days just to party with me in the woods. As a mater of fact, Talon age 5 and Talia age 3, did a video movie review for me about the new movie "Wall-E." And as soon as I can get my connection working again on my video camera to connect it to my computer, I will have a special review straight from their mouths. Other than that, I didn't bring a piece of paper or anything to do as I thought my time at night. would be consumed with the lap top viewing movies and writing reviews.

But never fear, I've watched 20 plus movies since I've been home and will be getting them all on line soon. So here are a few pics from my trip for now and see you all on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Looks like you had a good time.