Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Before the Rains (2007) PG13 - 3 Stars

The story and location were equally magical and I think Rahul Bose gives the strongest performance as he tries to obey his people yet still hang on to his dream of modern prosperity. The soundtrack is very soothing and aids in setting the stage.

Henry Moores (Linus Roache) is an Englishmen on a mission in the jungles of Kerala, Southern Indian. Along with the help of his right hand man T.K. (Rahul Bose), he's paving a road to richness in spices. It's 1937, and Moores has the vision of setting up his own spice plantation. Along with T.K.'s persuasion of the local village men, Moores has full team to cut his way to the top. But not everyone thinks the English should be in their country.

Sajani (Nandita Das) is Moore's housekeeper, and the two have been secretly slipping away on journeys to collect honey. She's in love with Moores and the two take small excursions away from the eyes of the village. It is here where they're are alone in secret. But when Sajani is spotted making love to Moores by two young boys, they're secret travels fast back to her husband. When soon she becomes missing and Moores wife and son return from England, just how many lives will come undone as the monsoons approach as Moores plows farther up the mountain.

Roadside Attractions, Merchant/Ivory Productions
Director: Santosh Sivan
Writer: Cathy Rabin
Producers: Andrew Spaulding, Mark Burton, Tom Hardart
I viewed 11/08

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Looks like a cool flick.