Thursday, November 20, 2008

Colditz (2005) R - 3½ Stars

In World War II, Colditz Castle in Saxony, was the only German POW camp with more guards than prisoners. It was also known for having the most people trying to escape from it. This movie is a great epic tale of romance and even with war, you can't keep hold a good man back from being with the woman he loves. Okay so maybe it was like that way back then. But the acting is great and I like that the movie involved other prisoners of war you seldom learn about like the French, Dutch and Polish prisoners. Originally made for a mini series, I just didn't understand the ending very well. Without giving it away, I don't see why Lizzie acted the way she did towards Jack.

Jack Rose (Tom Hardy) can think of nothing but getting back to his sweetheart Lizzie (Sophia Myles) who's waiting for him. Nick McGrade (Damian Lewis) and a couple others attempt an escape where Nick makes it free but Jack twists his leg and can not go on. He begs Nick to find his girl and tell her he will see her as soon as he can get out. Jack is then sent to Colditz. The most troublesome allied prisoners are send to this castle so they can be watched at all times. Every man in the prison had tried to escape at some time or another, which make it handy for Jack to make friends easily.

But as he sits in jail, Nick grows closer and closer to Lizzy begging her to forget about Jack and become his. When Jack gets word of Nick's bad intentions, it makes him all that much more determined to get away. He immediately starts to plan his next escape hoping to be in her arms soon.

Director: Stuart Orme
Writers: Peter Morgan, Richard Cottan
Producer: Stephen Smallwood
I viewed 11/08

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