Sunday, November 2, 2008

The New World (2005) PG13 - 3 Stars

I'm giving this 3 stars instead of 2 1/2 because of the imagery in the movie and I'm also putting it into a political category just based on who the story is about. However, if you didn't know your history, or read the back of the rental box, I am not sure you would know it was the story of Pocahontas. Parts are filmed in beautiful locations of the world but to me, I just think the movie had more potential than it gave.

Life in North America was primitive and vast lands existed in the early years of the 17th century, and at least five thousand years prior to that. It was the time of exploration of the new world. Many different tribal cultures were populating the primeval wilderness. These tribal nations lived in harmony with their environment but didn't take well to others trespassing into their world.

In April of 1607, far away from their homeland in the kingdom of England, 103 men set sail in three ships, royally charted from Virginia Company, to explore this new world and set up colonies.

In one of the ships, the Susan Constant, is a rebellious young man of 27 years named John Smith (Colin Farrell). He has spend the voyage shackled below and will be hanged for insubordination as soon as the ship reaches land. But, Captain Christopher Newport (Christopher Plummer) soon realises the value of keeping Smith alive, and he is freed, as every capable man will be needed to survive the enemy as they set up their new home.

The spot they have chosen to land at is in the middle of a Native American tribe ruled by powerful chieftain Powhatan (August Schellenberg). Once here, some of the men don't seem to be pulling their own weight and as winter comes, the men are unable to fend for themselves. But the explorer in Smith has him interacting with the native people for help. The Powhatan people are very curious about these invaders and as the tribes study each other, Smith is taken back by a young woman he meets, a daughter of the Powhatan chief. She is known as Pocahontas (Q'orianka Kilcher), or"playful one" and her father favors her above some of his other children. As the two study each other, they develop a deep bond that eventually turns to romance. But as others catch onto their relationship, Smith is ordered to head further down the path far away from Pocahontas. Meanwhile, a fellow colonist, John Rolfe (Christian Bale), sits patiently waiting for his chance at love with this young maiden.

2005 - The New World - National Board of Review - Breakthrough Performance by an Actress
2005 - The New World - National Society of Film Critics - Best Cinematography (Runner-up)

New Line Cinema
Director: Terrence Malick
Writer: Terrence Malick
Producer: Sarah Green
I viewed 9/08

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