Saturday, November 15, 2008

War of the Planets (2005) PG13 - 2½ Stars

The movie should be called War ON the planet as the battle the entire movie doesn't go to far from the site of their crashed rocket. It's pretty bad when the graphics on the cover of the DVD box look better than any of those in the movie. Very low budget Sci-Fi film that appears to feature the director and his family members and friends as cast. Story line ends up being very weak however having said all that, I actually somewhat enjoyed the movie. I liked the concept of the crews vulnerability at the start of the film being picked off as a food source and they could do nothing about it. Though all of the monster, alien and special effects not very scary and that of something you could do in your back yard, I would be very interested in seeing what a high quality special effects production company could do with the story. I was unable to find a list of the actors names but I do know that Mike Conway also plays the minister in the film and I'm assuming the other Conway must be his wife.

A group of 12 scientists, engineers and experts in their fields are sent to a mission to colonize a new planet. The journey will take 15 years to reach so the crew are put to sleep for that time period and awakened at their new destination. Problem is, as they slept, the ship was hit by a meteor that knocked out their tracking and monitoring and they crash land into an unknown world.

Everyone knows that after sleeping in a pod for 15 years, none of your muscles or joints will function until they are re-awakened with stimulation thus making it impossible to move until the recirculation occurs. Well that's the freaky part of the film as the crew are now sitting ducks for a flesh eating creature that is munching on them one at a time. When they finally are free of the creature, the learn that their ship and crew have been put behind a in a giant wall of glass as they are being studied by aliens. Their new mission is to survive and colonize this hostel world.

Lightning Entertainment, Lion's Gate Films
Director: Mike Conway
Writer: Mike Conway
I viewed 10/08

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