Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Human Trafficking (2005) NR - 3½ Stars

INTENSE!!! This was actually a miniseries made for television though I'm sure it had to be show late evening. Based on the true goings on in today's world, most people probably never think about - human trafficking, in that case for sex. I'm glad a movie like this was made to not only get the message out, but it was also an intense drama. The ending is pretty abrupt, but I guess that is the point. Trafficking is still going on at this very moment, and in this case, tied to a very hard to reach and seemingly impossible to stop, multi-billion-dollar worldwide organization. The girls give scary realistic performances.

Young girls, from all over the world, start disappearing right before the parents eyes. Bill Meehan (Donald Sutherland) is on the loosing side of bringing to justice the men and women responsible behind a large sex slave ring. Kate Morozov (Mira Sorvino) is a former police officer, born in Russia, who wants to be involved in this special team in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, (ICE), agency, to help bring the people responsible to justice. She knows all to well from her young own life experiences what it means to be raped.

A 16 year old girl from the Czech Republic, is tricked into thinking she has what it takes to become a model in America. Leaving a note to her father, she sets out for the adventure of her lifetime.

A single mother in Russia, falls for a man she believes in interested in her that offers her a trip to the United States as his lover. Once in America, she is sold for hard cold cash, and must comply with prostitution or be brutally punished.

A 13 year old girl is taken off the streets in the Philippines, right in front of her mothers eyes. She is defenseless as she runs after the car amidst a sea of people and there is little police can do for the family.

The father of another small girl, maybe 9 or 10, is offered a large sum of money and sold to keep the family from harsh times. Since a female child is not always considered with worth as a son would be, the girl is taken away and entered into the dark world of pedophiles.

Even when the agents get close to bringing down one of the key players, their leads grow cold when the only victim that will speak is taken away from testifying. More information can be found on human trafficking, here.

2006 - Human Trafficking, Outstanding Television Movie/Mini-Series - Directors Guild of Canada

Echo Bridge Entertainment
Director: Christian Duguay
Writers: Agatha Dominik, Carol Doyle
Producers: Irene Litinsky
I viewed 11/08

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