Thursday, January 15, 2009

Breakfast on Pluto (2005) R - 3 Stars

A little slow to the lead in, you do finally feel a connection to "Kitten" in her struggle of acceptance with her feminine side. She's on a quest to find her mother and her own identity. The characters are truly likable and though all have their own skeletons, you can't help but feel for their plight. The cute talking birds at the beginning and end of the movie are an added touch to the fairy tale story of rags to riches. I don't really understand the titles name, as I heard it once just in passing but I've yet to realise it's meaning. The movie does seem extra long at over 2 hours.

In 1970, Patrick Braden (Conor McEvoy), was abandoned by his mother at the church doorsteps of Father Bernard (Liam Neeson). He's not eager to comply with normal boy tendencies and can be found a lot trying on make up and women's clothing. His feminine side was taking control and though not excepted by Father Bernard, his charm and wit carried him through the criticisms.

As Patrick (Cillian Murphy) grew, he changed his name, reflecting his exaggerated feminine side, to "Kitten." She feels the need to continue looking for her mother and finding out who she is suppose to become. Her first of many stops sees her in an affair with Billy Hatchet (Gavin Friday), a member of the Irish Republican Army. She loves the rebellious side of her coming out and thinks this is the stimulation she's looking for. But when a friend is killed in one of the bombings, she retreats to London to continue her quest. But after her getting her ass kicked, she has no where to go but a coffee house to regroup. There she meets Bertie (Stephen Rea), a magician, he develops an interest watching her. Down on her luck, Bertie feels her suffering and offers her a place to stay. At one of his shows, he hypnotizes her and she becomes an instant audience favorite, so he writes her into acts. Just as she starts to feel a sense of belonging, Kitten will find her real family is back in Ireland and returns to father Bernard.

2005 - Breakfast on Pluto - National Board of Review - Special Mention for Excellence in FilmmakingSony Pictures Classics
Director: Neil Jordan
Writers: Neil Jordan, Patrick McCabe
Producers: Francois Invernel, Cameron McCracken, Brendan McCarthy (II), Stephen Woolley, Alan Moloney, Neil Jordan
I viewed 10/08

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