Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Red Water (2003) R - 2½ Stars

You know, it could have been worse and hey Coolio is in itl. And the shark effects are no that bad either. Heck I almost gave it a 3 but it's a pretty cheesy plot with pretty cheesy acting. Still, it held my attention and even made me almost jump once. I must say that it's probably one of the best acting jobs I've seen from Lou Diamond Phillips. But you didn't get much action out of the shark at all. The film debuted on TBS, thus explaining the long pauses for commercial breaks.

A shark is attacking in the strangest of places, the bayous of the Mississippi river in Louisiana. Sanders (Lou Diamond Philips), runs a charter boat to make a living on the river and gets a request from his ex Kelly (Kristy Swanson) to take his boat to thw Wildlife Reservation where she and her company are drilling for oil. She knows Sanders is in need of some extra money to pay off his boat/home. Kelly needs his expertise to help the drilling rig that has hit a snag and not going anywhere, though all signs lead to a mother load of crude. Though he's against the idea, he really has no choice as he is on the verge of loosing his boat from late payments.

Meanwhile Ice (Coolio), Jerry (Jaimz Woolvett), and Brett (Langley Kirkwood)are diving the same area looking for a treasure pay load that has been buried in the river for 5 years. They just so happened to be diving right next to the drilling rig. When a huge bull shark, that can survive in fresh water, enters the river, body parts start flying. The good guys get taken hostage from the bad guys as the rig is about to blow. Everyone gets chucked in and as the red water settles, Coolio gets to meet the shark up close and personal. Will anyone survive the red bull?

Columbia TriStar, Sony Pictures Television
Director: Charles Robert Carner
Writer: J.D. Feigelson
Producer: Mitch Engel
I viewed 12/08

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