Sunday, February 22, 2009

Appaloosa (2008) R - 3½ Stars

Man they just don't make enough good westerns these days. Appaloosa can't be compared to such great hits as the "Good, Bad and Ugly", but it's still a pretty decent western. I did like the small time feel to the town and how even back then, things aren't always as them seem. You've got your fearless hero, the one who silently covers your back and of course the back stabbing vixen.

Appaloosa is your typical small western town of the 1800's. Typical until a local rancher Randall Bragg (Jeremy Irons), decides to take the town over and have anything he wants. From raiding stores for supplies, drinking the spirits at the local bar and taking any woman he wants for his own and now killing the Marshall and deputy, Bragg's has pretty much turned the dusty town into his own. That is until Virgil Cole (Harris) and Everett Hitch (Viggo Mortensen) stride into town to insure his days of lawlessness are over.

Cole and Hitch have given the town back to it's citizens and Braggs is not too happy with that. Determined to win, nothing will stop him to try and gain control again. But Cole and Hitch don't seem to be too worried. They are getting used to this new town they call home and when widowed Allison French (Renée Zellweger) arrives by train, the two are both finding it hard to resist her. When Braggs comes back to town to claim what he thinks is his, they will all be put to the test on where their loyalties lie.

New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution
Director: Ed Harris
Writers: Robert Knott, Ed Harris
Producers: Ed Harris, Michael London, Ginger Sledge
I viewed 2/09

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