Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Little Children (2006) R - 3½ Stars

A sex offender of small children has moved into the area. He is staying with his mother and the neighbors are in uproar. One laid off cop, Bob (Raymond J. Barry), makes it his new life goal to keep this man away from any children. He constantly harasses him, paints evil on his walkway, sticks wanted posters to his door and even bullhorns the neighborhood. He refuses to let the man have a moment in piece.

A group of perfect parent moms meet daily at the central park. While their children play and can been seen, the women find comfort in having just what's needed for their child. Sarah Pierce (Kate Winslet) is the vocal outsider of the group. Though she and her daughter Lucy (Sadie Goldstein) frequent the same area, she's often frowned upon by the other mothers for speaking her mind and never being prepared at snack time.

Lately, Brad Adamson (Patrick Wilson), and his young son Aaron (Ty Simpkins), have been coming to the park at the same time the moms are there. Brad's a very handsome man and the women take turns talking about his situation as being a stay home mom. The proudly nick name him the "Prom King." Brave Sarah is dared to go talk to him and get his number. She confides in Brad the dare she is on and they give the moms something really to look at.

As Brad and Sarah are apart, they find themselves thinking about each other and make a point of connecting again at the park and public pool. The more time they spend together, the more they find themselves becoming alive again. So much so, Brad's willing to sacrifice his son and wife Kathy (Jennifer Connelly), to try to bottle that feeling. In an intersecting connection, everyone learns compassion, importance, understanding, and need.

Awards include:

2006 - Little Children - New York Film Critics Society - Best Supporting Actor
2006 - Little Children - San Francisco Film Critics Circle - Best Adapted Screenplay
2006 - Little Children - San Francisco Film Critics Circle - Best Picture

New Line Cinema
Director: Todd Field
Writers: Tom Perrotta, Todd Field
Producers: Ron Yerxa, Todd Field, Albert Berger
I viewed 2/09

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Reel Whore said...

It's been awhile since seeing this, but I enjoyed it immensely.