Monday, February 9, 2009

My Flesh and Blood (2003) NR - 3 Stars

Good documentary of Susan Tom from Fairfield, CA, who has made it her life wishes to adopt and take care of children with either physically challenging or long-term illnesses. The mother of 11, Susan knows some of these children were abandoned by their parents because of their illnesses and some won't survive into their teens. But Susan, a single mother, stares into the eyes of these young faces and finds she can over look the huge emotional burdens most other families can not. I give her "5 Stars" for her ability to do what she does.

From legless Xenia, who joyously plays a dead biker for Halloween, to Joe, a 15 year old struggling with cystic fibrosis. Joe can be a super sweet child one minute and become a danger to himself and others in the family. He regularly makes angry threats and the siblings have come to make the best of their situations in the comfort of Susan's home until eventually, he passes away.

2003 - My Flesh and Blood - Sundance Film Festival - Documentary Audience Award
2003 - My Flesh and Blood - Sundance Film Festival - Documentary Directing Award

Chaiken Films, HBO/Cinemax Documentary Films, Strand Releasing
Director: Jonathan Karsh
Producer: Jennifer Chaiken
I viewed 1/09

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