Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tart (2001) R - 2 Stars

I didn't really get anything out of the movie. Very hard to connect with any of the characters as the storyline is all over the place and even when it tries to draw you in for some emotional feeling, it leaves you with a tart taste in your mouth. For me, I don't the movie is worth the 90 minutes you'll spend on it even if it's free.

Cat Storm (Dominique Swain) lives in New York City in the 1980's and her wealth status leads her to a special group of other fake girls judging everyone except themselves. They experiment with sex and drugs until Cat's best friend, Delilah (Bijou Phillips), is thrown out of school for using cocaine she obtained from her father. With Delilah not in school anymore, Cat gets close to Grace (Mischa Barton), who gives her a new outlook on beauty and winning the man she likes. One weekend, at a party, Cat and William are together when Grace shows up to find her. All the other kids in class snub Delilah and encourages Cat to stay away from her. But when Delilah is found murdered at the party, Cat must choose who her true friends really are.

Director: Christina Wayne
Writer: Christina Wayne
Producers: Diane Sillan Isaacs, Patrick D. Choi, Nile Niami
I viewed 1/09

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