Saturday, March 21, 2009

All Roads Lead Home (2008) PG - 4 Stars

Based on a true story, I gotta say this movie may have done more for me than for most as I work at an animal hospital and have owned pets most of my life so I could really relate to the plight of some of these poor animals. It takes the innocence of a child to rise up and speak for the animals which is something I've always tried to do. Be prepared, there are some tear jerker parts when the young girl tames even the wildest of beasts, her grandfather. This was also Peter Boyles last movie and it was nice to see him playing the hotel owner who takes in some of the pets to keep his business running. They even have their own web site which includes pet information and adoption.

Belle (Vivien Cardone), is your average child of 12 years old when she, her mom and her dad Cody (Jason London), are involved in a horrible car accident that left her mother clinging to life and with machines keeping her alive. Her father must unplugs the machines and Belle blames her father for ending her mothers life. Even her grandfather Hock (Peter Coyote) sees the accident Cody's fault and shuts himself down to the world.

Cody's daytime job is working for animal control an sometimes these cats and dogs have to be euthanized as there is just no room or money to feed the homeless pets. This angers Cody and in a rebellious act, she sneaks into the kennel one night and sets the animals free. It causes many problems in town and Belle is sent away to live with her grandfather and work on his ranch to teach her some discipline. But Hock looks at her and sees his daughter and the pain is too great so he keeps her busy with chores rather than relate to her. He tries to teach her the importance of running a breeding farm and when some animals don't leave up to their potential of making him money, they must be destroyed. But just when the family seems to be falling apart, Cody breaths new life into them while finding a way to save all them, including the animals.

Waldo West Productions
Director: Dennis Fallon
Writer: Doug Delaney
Producer: Dennis Fallon
I viewed 3/09

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