Sunday, March 1, 2009

Choke (2008) R - 2½ Stars

Now here is where I disagree with the critics once again. I didn't get into this movie much and found no connection with most the characters and I found it hard to follow. A little boy has grown up with a half crazy mom, who now as an adult, can't find love or a purpose in his life because he doesn't know where he came from and his mom is too far gone to tell him about his father. His mother, now in an expensive medical facility, doesn't remember him an he sleeps with every woman in the place to feel cared for. Lots of boobs so maybe this is a "Guy Flick."

Victor Mancini (Sam Rockwell) and his best friend Denny (Brad Henke) are sex addicts. While they should be in therapy for their affliction, instead they're loose on the street to envision their perversion on anyone available. Victor, once on his way to becoming a promising doctor, has given up his career to keep his mother Ida (Anjelica Huston) alive, suffering from dementia, in an expensive mental care hospital, until he can learn the secrets of who his father is. Maybe that will bring him some guidance as to why he is who he is today. No mater where Victor goes, sex is all he thinks about. He imagines the woman he meets topless. This includes all the elderly women housed with his mother. But the hospital is expensive and Victor resorts to con games in order to collect money to pay the bill.

When he was a child, he learned the art of choking in public in order to collect support checks from the honorable citizens who saved his life and now feel the need to donate checks to for whatever so called procedures needed he says he needs. He uses the techniques regularly in order to pay for his mothers care. When he's not running his scam or visiting his mother, he and Denny colonizes at a Renaissance theme park. What's not expected is Denny falling for a bad girl gone good and Victor falling for his mothers nurse Paige Marshall (Kelly MacDonald), however Victor has no idea how to fall in love especially when Paige relates him to the next coming of Christ.

2008 - Choke - Women Film Critics Circle - Most Offensive Male Characters

Fox Searchlight Pictures
Director: Clark Gregg
Writer: Clark Gregg
Producers: Tripp Vinson, Beau Flynn, Johnathan Dorfman
I viewed 2/09

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