Sunday, March 8, 2009

Death by Engagement (2006) NR - 2 Stars

Pretty silly concept and the acting is pretty cheesy and bad but I made it all the way through. An engagement ring wants to be returned to it's owner but keeps making it's way to other couple, always ending in death. It's not even that nice of a ring. Pretty unbelievable story line and low rate acting but I've seen worse.

Det. Cade Hamilton (Aaron MacPherson) and Det. Rikki Moore (Sascha Knopf) are investigating a murder where it appears the groom murdered his bride to be and then was shot by a policeman called to the scene. Officer Mallar (Brian Patrick Wade) sees a huge engagement ring on the brides finger and and exchanges it for the one he's bought his bride to be.

Spencer Starkington (Brandon Largent) is the psychopathic groom, now brain dead but his mother Mrs. Starkington (P.J. Soles), refuses to say goodbye. Instead, she keeps her sons body in his room hooked up to monitors that keep him alive. The detectives have their hands full when more murders keep happening and every time there is a ring involved. It would appear that our brain dead groom Spencer, comes to life and murders anyone that has any involvement in his blessed ring.

Maverick Entertainment Group
Director: Philip Creager
Writer: Philip Creager
Producer: Pennie Orcutt
I viewed 2/09

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suZen said...

This review made me giggle about the couple in the news last week - she swallowed the engagement ring he put in her Wendy's frosty - did you hear this? It all "came out" (eeeuuuw) ok.