Monday, March 30, 2009

Four Sheets to the Wind (2007) R - 2 Stars

One of the few films about and cast with American Indians it gives a combination of laughter and sadness and enormous sociocultural interest. I think the movie could have been so much better. It's not the low budget production as I thought that was done nicely with the money spent. However, the films direction, wasn't enough to keep me involved in the players lives.

Cufe Smallhill (Cody Lightning), is a Native America living on a reservation with his father in Holdenville, Oklahoma. When he finds his fathers dead body next to a pile of sleeping pills, he needs to make sure he honors his dad's wish by sinking his body in the family pond on the reservation. But traditional values lean towards putting dad in a normal coffin with a proper ceremony so Cufe is forced to load a donated coffin with watermelons and weights in order to fool. Instead with the help of some friends, Cufe fills the coffin with Registered Seminole who's part Creek, honors his fathers last wish when he finds his dead body. Dad's wishes were to be submerged in the pond. Cufe goes to Tulsa to spend time with his sister, Miri (Tamara Podemski). While knocking on her door, Miri comes in contact with Francie (Laura Bailey), one of Miri's neighbors. As the two become close, Cufe is beginning to think he life is turning around. But as he sees his sister's city life has her running around with different men and drinking all the time, he struggles to decide which of his lives are better.

2007 - Four Sheets to the Wind - Sundance Film Festival - Special Jury Prize for Acting

Indion Film, First Look
Director: Sterlin Harjo
Writer: Sterlin Harjo
Producers: Chad Burris, Ted Kroeber
I viewed 3/09

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