Monday, March 2, 2009

Hoot (2006) PG - 3½ Stars

Definitely a great family movie for all ages. Plus it sends a message to the young children of the importance of conservation and protecting wildlife for future generations. It does it in a fun caring manor that's a good watch for the entire family. About as close to a "G" rated movie as your ever going to get again.

Roy Eberhardt (Logan Lerman) 14, is beginning to feel like a pin ball game as he is bumped around from town to town as his family make so many moves. It makes it hard for one kid to make friends in school but this last move from Montana to the Gulf of Florida will change the way he sees the world.

At school, Dana Matherson (Eric Phillips), sees Roy as the new kid on the block and bullies him constantly on the bus to school. Beatrice Leep (Brie Larson), is the tom boyish type girl that befriends Roy by standing up to the bully. The two become close as there is safety in numbers. Beatrice notices on their daily rides together that Roy has become fascinated watching a young boy running at the speed of light, Mullet Fingers (Cody Linley), along the side of the bus. Beatrice will finally have to confide in Roy that the boy is her brother and he is hiding something very important in the trees. As Roy is allowed into the small group, he finds what all the fuss is about. Mullet has been responsible for all the pranks that have been pulled around town lately. There's a new birth of tiny owls that are nesting all over the ground where construction work is about to take place building the next Mother Paula's Pancake House. Mullet has been trying to sabotage the project in order to save the owls. When these three put there heads together, they take top executive Chuck Muckle (Clark Gregg), at the ground breaking ceremony. Here, along with a gathering of anxiously awaiting pancake lovers, the expose the tiny creatures to the world via television coverage, in turn saving the land for a sanctuary.

New Line Cinema
Director: Wil Shriner
Writers: Rob Lieber, Wil Shriner
Producers: Jimmy Buffett, Frank Marshall
I viewed 1/09

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