Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nothing to Lose (1997) R - 3 Stars

I love both Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence, but this not be one of the bests. To me, the movie gets almost predictable and not all that funny, though it does have it's moments. The message is good at the end so I'm giving it a 3.

Nick Beame (Tim Robbins) is not having a good day at all. Returning home, he hears his wife Ann (Kelly Preston), having sex with his boss, Phillip Barrow (Michael McKean). Needing to get some air, he takes a drive with no destination in mind. While stopped at a light, T. Paul (Martin Lawrence), jumps in his car and holds Nick's at gun point, demanding his car. But Nick, with his life hanging by a string, decides to take the thief on the ride of his life. Not wanting to die, T. Paul tells of his hard times trying to support his wife and children without a job. The two form an unlikely bond of friendship which takes them on a journey in search of their lives.

Touchstone Pictures, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Director: Steve Oedekerk
Writer: Steve Oedekerk
Producers: Michael S. Bregman, Dan Jinks, Martin Bregman
I viewed 2/09

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