Friday, March 27, 2009

Poison Ivy 4: The Secret Society (2008) NR - 2½ Stars

Made for TV, this is yet another loose sequel in the series. Can we stop now please? I suppose the allure of the movie, sexy college girls in compromising positions, might keep them coming back for more, I think if you've seen one, you've seen enough. Though the girls do a decent job of acting, the story still remains cheesy and appears like a slightly soft porn version of Mean Girls.

Danielle "Daisy" Brookes (Miriam McDonald), is a plain country girl going off to college. Leaving her steady boyfriend behind, she heads to New England to stat over. One thing she doesn't know is she's just walked into a den of manipulating women who run a billion dollar secretive feminist Ivy Society. These girls get what they want and have spotted Daisy dropping her luggage and being escorted by Blake (Ryan Kennedy), to her room. She doesn't know that Blake is the son of the Dean Graves (Catherine Hicks), and the well MANicured Professor Andrew Graves (Greg Evigan).

Daisy meets Azalea (Shawna Waldron) who is going after the same internship that Daisy is. Azalea heads up a clique of young femme fatales known as Ivy Society, and wants Daisy as a member so she can keep a closer eye on her. When Daisy refuses to become part of their group, a murder takes place that looks like Daisy committed. Azalea assures she can make it all go away if Daisy devotes herself to their society, or blow up in her face. Daisy's only hope at survival is to expose the Azalea and the other girls before she becomes their next victim.

Insight Film Studios, New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Jason Hreno
Writers: Michael Worth, Peter Sullivan, Liz Maverick
Producer: Lindsay MacAdam
I viewed 3/09

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