Friday, March 20, 2009

Robot Stories (2004) NR - 3½ Stars

A trilogy, okay 4 short stories, of human emotions vs. machine. Though each story is short, they still manage to get the viewer pulled in with feeling. Though I don't believe I have seen any of the stars in other movies, they all fit perfectly into their scripts. This movie is not for everyone, I think you'll either spark emotion in these shorts easily, or you won't like them at all. There's even a web site for more info, if you like the film.

Story #1 - My Robot Baby

Maria (Tamlyn Tomita) and Roy (James Saito) are happily married and on the list for adoption. But first to show they can be good parents, a simulated robot child must be cared for that will record data of the way they care for the child.

Story #2 - The Robot Fixer

Bernice Chin's (Wai Ching Ho), son Wilson, is on life support in the hospital after being hit by a car. Along with his sister, Grace (Cindy Cheung), they visit regularly but while Grace is facing the fact her brother is brain dead, Bernice becomes obsessed with repairing and bringing, to the hospital, all the robots from Wilson's childhood.

Story #3 - Machine Love

Archie - Sprout G9 (Greg Pak), has just be activated in the business office. Work production is at it's finest and all Archie has been programed to adapt to the people and surroundings he is exposed to. But work production takes a halt when the Sprout G9 female version, that's working across the street, is spotted by Archie's newly trained eyes.

Story #4 - Clay

John Lee (Sab Shimono) is a sculptor who's dying of lung disease. He is supposed to be taken in and his brain scanned, before he dies so his architectural wonders stored deep in his brain, will be available for anyone to manipulate.

2003 - Robot Stories - Asian American International Film Festival - Emerging Director Award
2003 - Robot Stories - Florida Film Festival - Best Narrative Feature
2002 - Robot Stories - Hamptons International Film Festival - Best Screenplay

KINO VIDEO, Pak Film Inc.
Director: Greg Pak
Writer: Greg Pak
Producers: Kim Ima, Greg Pak
I viewed 3/09

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