Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shut Up and Shoot Me (2005) NR - 3½ Stars

I really love the small town quirky humor in this movie. Here's a sweet guy, that means so well, but also such a nit wit, he can't even get himself killed properly. If you like movies like "In Bruges," I think you will really enjoy this one too. A charming comedy where the laughs are not side splitting, but grow on you compassionately through the entire movie as you shake your head muttering "Geesh, the poor guy." Shot in Prague - pun intended.

Colin's (Andy Nyman) and his wife Maggie (Klára Low), are in love but find that there busy lives have not allowed them to truly enjoy the pleasure of each other. On sort of second honeymoon, they choose to relax and take in the beauty of Europe. As they walk along the cobble stone road, two men are raising a statue to the second story, via pulleys through the window. As Colin and Maggie are reminiscing, a freak accident of breaking rope sends the statue plummeting to earth, covering Maggie completely, crushing her to death. Colin is unsure of where she went until it's explained she's underneath. After realising his wife is dead, he feels like dying himself and once back at his hotel, tries to electrify himself in the bath tub. But all he felt was more pain.

There's a knock at the door and it's Pavel (Karel Roden), a driving sent to pick Colin up and take him to the mortuary to pick up his wife's ashes so Colin can return home from his vacation. Paval leads a pretty pitiful life, taking on many odd jobs in order to maintain his wife's high standard of living. As the two begin to talk, Colin explains that now his wife is gone, he has no reason for living. Since he's been unsuccessful with his electrifying display, he offers Pavel all the money he has in exchange for ending his life. His only request is that it be swift and painless. As this unlikely duo set out upon their mission, the body count grows but Colin is yet to get his wish.

Storitel, ufo Pictures
Director: Steen Agro
Writer: Steen Agro
Producer: Paul Sherwood
I viewed 2/09

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