Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow Buddies (2008) G - 3½ Stars

If you have kids, you know Disney movies and just can't go wrong if a heartfelt adventure is in order. Snow buddies is no exception and you'll fall in love with these adorable K9's. The movie teaches kids the values of being kind to animals and pets. Good family adventure for all ages.

The cute and cuddly puppies from Air Buddies, Rosebud, Buddha, Budderball, B-Dawg, and Mudbud, find themselves in a new adventure in the icy world of Alaska. While looking for a tasty ice cream treat, they become locked in a container headed for Alaska. Here they meet new friends like a malamute named Shasta, and compete in a sled race and win. But it's not all fun and games as the puppies need to find their way back home.

Disney Studios
Director: Robert Vince
Writers: Robert Vince, Anna McRoberts
Producers: Robert Vince, Anna McRoberts
I viewed 3/09

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