Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Divided State (2005) NR - 3½ Stars

Being a big fan or most of Michael Moore's work, I had to see yet another controversial documentary, this time about him. The best thing for me about Michael Moore is he gets people excited possibly in a negative way but he sparks a reaction in people that would normally go about "status quo." Stimulating one's mind for thought keeps it rich and alive. My favorite part was the foreign student from Togo, West Africa, who spoke about how blessed we are to have freedom of speech.

It's no secret that the state of Utah is the headquarters to the Mormons and their Church of Latter-Day Saints. The entire state of Utah is pretty much Republican and conservative and when two college students, Joe Vogel, the student body vice-president and Jim Bassey, invite Michael Moore to speak at Utah Valley State College in Orem, UT., the state is changed forever. Kay Anderson, an outspoken Community leaders, is willing to pick up the tab the school would lose if the event would be canceled. He believes his city, aka The Family City, should not be exposed to any different opinion, or "evil influence", that anti-American, immoral Michael Moore can bring. As he puts it, he lives inside of Utah away from the rest of the United States. Kay even goes as far as bringing forth a law suit against Vogel and Bassey.
All for the sake of stopping Michael Moore from influencing any of the State of Utah into a more liberal way of thinking.

Minority Films, LLC.
Director: Steven Greenstreet
Producer: Steven Greenstreet
I viewed 3/09

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