Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Three Bad Men (2006) NR - 2 Stars

This has got to be one of the cheesiest acting jobs I have ever seen. And not just out of a few, but from the entire cast. It would be as if I got a bunch of my friends together one weekend and said, hey lets make a western. While the concept of the movie is okay, nothing else went into it.

Three bank robbers, Frame Johnson (Chris Gann), Ed Fiske (George Kennedy) and Luther McKinney (John Dixon), are running from the law when they come across a man bleeding to death. Before he dies, he begs the men to help his wife who's been kidnapped by Dutch Henry (Mike Moroff) and his savage pack of outlaws. Knowing the woman will be harmed without their help, they decide to show they have a heart and honor the dying man's request.

Director: Jeff Hathcock
Writer: Jeff Hathcock
Producer: Jeff Hathcock, Jerry Bestpitch
I viewed 3/09

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